Our diverse team allows us to hone in and find the right “voice” for our clients on social media and clearly understand what resonates with audiences online. Your social media presence is never given to an inexperienced intern. We should also mention that our team is comprised of native Floridians, Latin Americans, Puerto Ricans and Cubans – which is useful in understanding and communicating with the diverse communities in the United States, Latin America, and beyond.


We work exceedingly well with marketing teams to fit social media into a well-rounded marketing strategy and to make sure messages reach a wider audience through online channels. As one of the first social media marketing agencies in Miami, we are “veterans” in this market.

After more than ten years of working with South Florida luxury, real estate and hospitality clients, we have a keen understanding of what it takes to succeed with social media; and we have gained the trust of our clients. In addition, this experience has provided unmatched contacts within the social media community in terms of influencers, content creators, and bloggers.